Malle's Magnesium Oil Jug

  • Our natural HDPE plastic half gallon jug of magnesium oil. Our jugs aren't pretty, but they're BPA-free and FDA approved. 


    Although the price is economical, the quality is still the same. It's like buying eight of our 8 ounce bottles - for half the price! (8 oz bottle and oranges not included)

    Malle's Magnesium Oil is made with salts from the Dead Sea, an area known to visitors from all over the world for its healing waters rich in mineral deposits including calcium, iodine, zinc, potassium, sulfur, bromide - and of course, magnesium.

    Our oils are handcrafted to ensure quality and value. There are no GMOs, no fragrances, corn or chemicals.

    We love the silky feeling of our oil, and we think you will too! It leaves no residue and should absorb in minutes. Feel free to mix it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for even more pampering goodness.

    Ingredients: food grade magnesium chloride and distilled water.

    Suggested use: pour one teaspoon into a bowl and pour some onto your skin.  
    Massage lightly until absorbed.  Can be used in a tub or foot bath.

    Store away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.
    Best used within 10 months after opening.


Port Richey, Florida

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