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Dead Sea Magnesium Crystals 3.5 lb Jug

Dead Sea Magnesium Crystals 3.5 lb Jug



  • Dead Sea Magnesium

    Our half gallon jug filled to the brim with three and a half pounds of Dead Sea crystals for your bath, foot bath -  or even to make your own magnesium oil.


    These are the same crystals that we use to make our unique oils, packed with all of the minerals and magnesium that you've come to expect from The Magnesium Co.


    There are no fragrances, no colors, no harmful chemicals or dyes in our bath crystals - no reason to add to perfection, so we didn't. 


    These magnesium crystals are truly a treasure, to your home from the Dead Sea.


    Malle's Dead Sea Bath Crystals come straight from the Dead Sea, an area known to visitors from all over the world for its healing waters rich in mineral deposits including calcium, iodine, zinc, potassium, sulfur, bromide - and of course, magnesium.


    Our magnesium crystals are of the highest quality and value. There are no GMOs, no fragrances, color, fillers, corn or chemicals - no reason to add to perfection.


    We love the silky feeling of our crystals in a bath for pure relaxation. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into your bath or foot bath if you'd like, for a truly spa-like feeling.


    Ingredients: Dead Sea magnesium chloride hexahydrate crystals


    Suggested use: pour 1/2 cup into a warm foot bath, or 1 cup or more into a full tub. Relax and soak for at least 20 minutes and pat dry.


    Be careful - feet may be slippery!


    Store away from sunlight and extreme temperatures, and particularly humidity.  Best used within one year after opening.


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