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helped my

Restless Leg Syndrome

and muscle cramps.

           -  Phil


over 800 functions in our bodies

need magnesium for health.


This is a great way to battle magnesium deficiency. The oil absorbs fast into the skin, which is important to me.


It has so many applications, I am sad I didn't find this oil earlier. Works like a charm on leg cramps at night, too.


My Wife love this she stated that it works great!


It has a really pleasant scent when applied she loves this product!!! Definitely will be ordering it again.

Amazo Customer

Love this magnesium massage oil! Been using it every night. Sleep quality is improved. Recommend it for my friends!


Works instantly!

Value Seeker

Magnesium is the magic mineral. I have been going through a lot of challenges during the last several years. I don't know what I would do without this magic mineral!


I have taken it to calm my nerve and relax me physically and mentally so I can have optimal sleep.


in addition, I practice yoga and exercise. It i is much cheaper than massage.


Plus, it keeps bone strong. I am now using magnesium oil to reduce sore muscles after attending body pump class and long hike.


It works for hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings! First product I have tried that is helping with my menopause systems!


wonderful massage oil

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I really love this magnesium massage oil. I have been suffering from some lower back pain that comes on after lifting weights.

I’ve been rubbing this oil into my lower back after workouts. I feel a slightly warming sensation when I rub it in.


I have noticed that I have less soreness in my lower back after this. I also love the texture. It’s slippery and very soothing. I am extremely happy with this product.


For me, taking magnesium supplements send me to the toilet. However, the magnesium oil didn't give me any issues at all, and within a few days of use, I was much improved. I had nerve pain in my hand from an accident, it is now gone. And my general disposition has also improved. I will continue with the oil.

The little booklet pdf that is included is very helpful and so glad for the information provided. And while this might not be the cheapest magnesium oil out there, the improvements in my health and well being make it worth the cost.


This product has definitely helped with my chronic shoulder pain due to tendinitis. I haven't had the need to try this for any other ailments, but I am feeling relief in my shoulder, which is why I wanted to try this product to begin with.

Another customer

I have taken magnesium internally for several years but haven't seen much as far as benefits. Within a few days of using this magnesium spray I started noticing changes like the fact that I was sleeping better.

We also recently had some sickness come through our house and I was the only one that didn't get it. That NEVER happens. The only thing I have done differently is use this spray.

It is super easy to use and comes with a very informative instruction booklet. I will definitely be buying this again!


I like having this on hand vs another supplement to take. I spray it on at night after my shower. Helps me sleep and my skin has a bit more life to it in the morning than days I don't use it.


I bought it for my mom, who couldn't sleep well for few weeks now. She loves it. She uses it after an evening shower to relax before going to bed, and she sleeps better since. Her skin is also smoother now.


I depend on this magnesium, which goes on feeling silky smooth, whenever my children and grandchildren have any aches or pains. It is one of my first-line-of-defense answers to the smallest complaint!

I was using ionic fizz magnesium which is supposed to be highly absorbable, and getting pretty mediocre results. Heart palpitations stopped but didn't notice much else.


I tried magnesium maleate just to do a different form and couldn't tell a great difference either.


Enter Malle's Magnesium oil.


I had put off trying it because I heard it tingles or burns or itches or whatever scary things you hear on the Internet. I had no reaction, even on freshly shaved legs.


It's a beautiful bottle to have sitting out, like a magic potion... Its taken a bit of consistent use, but I'm sleeping better, although I still have some minor spasms in my feet.


I'm not having anymore actual toe cramps, and I'm starting to chill out. What I'm most excited about though is the ability to treat local areas. After I put it on my feet they feel good when I wake up!


So I started putting it on my back. It's like doing an Epsom salt soak without the time and hassle factor. And, a foot rub is much more appealing than swallowing pills.

                                               - Seneca

So far using the magnesium oil, when I put it on the soles of my feet, I feel sleepy with in minutes.  


Also when I exercise I put magnesium all under my armpits and I sweat more than I have ever sweated.  


Thus toxins are released from my body by using the oil instead of deodorant when exercising.  


Also I remove deodorant at night and use magnesium oil under my armpits.

- Veronica

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food grade






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Been using it as recommended for my menopausal headaches. I use a little on my temples and behind the neck and forehead. I haven’t woke up with a headache in over a week. I will continue to use and hopefully this does the trick. There’s so many good uses for this oil.


I switched from the fizzy magnesium you drink to rubbing this oil on my feet at night. I’m sleeping better, no night sweats, and less anxiety during the day. I’m happy!


Love this product!!! High recomend it if you experience menopause. No more headache and body pain. Improves energy and mood, relieves hot flaches, sleep better. Also, excellent customer service. So grateful, thank you!


I have had hot flashes for over 20 years, nothing worked except hormone replacements, which may cause breast cancer and is the reason I stopped taking them years ago. My hot flashes always start in my back and spread around to my chest and face. Over the years the skin on my back has become extremely dry and itchy and although I use moisturizing lotion, nothing worked.


The first thing I did when I got the Magnisium Oil Spray was to spray it on my back. It tingled a little at first, nothing I couldn’t handle. Then, instant relief! I spray it on my back and chest after showering and at bedtime.


Hot Flashes are not completely gone, but seem to have subsided. However, just “finally” getting relief from my dry, itchy back makes the purchase worthwhile. A very pleasant surprise.

The BeeHive

Wanted to give this some time to give an accurate review. I bought this for my wife - she is a skeptic, but I had to try something. Let’s put it this way: SHE IS NOW A BELIEVER!

Preparing Jams

I'm using it for stress, anxiety and mental clarity.  I'm blown away by the difference.

               - Rose


magnesium helps morning sickness



also helps:














I was recommended to take this product by a friend who swears by essential oils for all remedies.


I had my reservations, but after using it a few weeks for sleep. I really do think it works!



My daughter suffers from migraines and we're always looking for natural remedies. So far, she says this is working. Enough said here!


She says here headaches aren't gone but she swears they're not as bad.


Used on my chronically sore neck and it soothed the soreness. I spray about 20 pumps. My mood seems more even, too.

I have high blood pressure, and retain a ton of water in my hands, feet, and face/neck. 


I put one bottle in the bath last night because I was so swollen. 


After about 20 minutes, I got out and was completely back to normal.  Love it.

Seems to be doing well for my husband too.  His sugars are looking great.  We do probably 2 tbsps a day for him.

                       - Mandi



I use this stuff on my cramped muscles and also in my foot soaks. This stuff really works and If you are sore this is the fix.


I like that it doesn't have a scent and it's not greasy. I spray it on my feet around bedtime and put some socks on. It's a better way to get the magnesium into my system, I believe I sleep better too!

Amazon Customer

I'ved used this 3 nights and it might be a coincidence but I'm definitely getting better sleep.

I took a survey of those home for dinner tonight and about half were using the mag oil regularly.


The biggest use was for better sleep – many of them really seeing an improvement.


The second biggest use was for headaches with good results from some of the girls.

                 - J.S.

I get bad migraines. 


Sometimes Excedrin Migraine works for me and other times not.


Recently my mom gave me some of Malle’s Magnesium Oil to try. 


Both migraines were gone in minutes.

                                       -  Joey

I don’t know if I get migraines or not, but I had a bad headache, and my wife gave me some of the oil to rub on. 


It worked.

                         - Nick


This product is amazing, it came with a little "how to" book. And it incredible how many functions it has. Bought it for muscle relaxation, but it does a lot more. Plus it odorless.

I’d been having migraines since I was a teenager - the cluster and the classic.  They would usually start a week before my period.  Many times I would wear my sunglasses while I worked as a waitress.  One time I temporarily lost my vision from a migraine.  

A friend gave me some Malle’s Magnesium Oil and told me to rub it on my forehead, temples and the back of my neck whenever I got a migraine, and that I should be putting it on every day, because it was possible that my migraines were caused by a magnesium deficiency.

When she came to see me a couple of weeks later and asked if the oil had helped, I told her that not only did the magnesium oil take away my migraine in about five minutes, but now that I was putting it on every day, I don’t even think about migraines any more when I leave my house for the day!


One tip:  for any menstrual cramps, I rub the oil on my abdomen, and it helps take away any headache pain.

                                                     - Sara

The biggest use was for better sleep...... really seeing

an improvement.  

- Joe

I don't even think about migraines anymore when I

leave my house for the day.   

- Sara

I'm using it for stress, anxiety and mental clarity.  I'm blown away by the difference.  

- Rose

Helped my Restless Leg Syndrome and muscle cramps.   

- Phil

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