I have high blood pressure, and retain a ton of water in my hands, feet, and face/neck. 


I put one bottle in the bath last night because I was so swollen. 


After about 20 minutes, I got out and was completely back to normal.  Love it.

Seems to be doing well for my husband too.  His sugars are looking great.  We do probably 2 tbsps a day for him.

                       - Mandi

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I was using ionic fizz magnesium which is supposed to be highly absorbable, and getting pretty mediocre results. Heart palpitations stopped but didn't notice much else.


I tried magnesium maleate just to do a different form and couldn't tell a great difference either.


Enter Malle's Magnesium oil.


I had put off trying it because I heard it tingles or burns or itches or whatever scary things you hear on the Internet. I had no reaction, even on freshly shaved legs.


It's a beautiful bottle to have sitting out, like a magic potion... Its taken a bit of consistent use, but I'm sleeping better, although I still have some minor spasms in my feet.


I'm not having anymore actual toe cramps, and I'm starting to chill out. What I'm most excited about though is the ability to treat local areas. After I put it on my feet they feel good when I wake up!


So I started putting it on my back. It's like doing an Epsom salt soak without the time and hassle factor. And, a foot rub is much more appealing than swallowing pills.

                                               - Seneca

I took a survey of those home for dinner tonight and about half were using the mag oil regularly.


The biggest use was for better sleep – many of them really seeing an improvement.


The second biggest use was for headaches with good results from some

of the girls.

                 - J.S.

So far using the magnesium oil, when I put it on the soles of my feet, I feel sleepy with in minutes.  


Also when I exercise I put magnesium all under my armpits and I sweat more than I have ever sweated.  


Thus toxins are released from my body by using the oil instead of deodorant when exercising.  


Also I remove deodorant at night and use magnesium oil under my armpits.

- Veronica

I'm using it for stress, anxiety & mental clarity. I'm blown away by the difference.

It helps with so many ailments - headaches, tension, dizziness, sore/stiff muscles.

                 - Rose C.

What it's helped me with so far:

tight muscles from too much soccer, a headache threatening to mess with my vacation, and relief from Restless Leg Syndrome..

                                 - Phil M.

I’d been having migraines since I was a teenager - the cluster and the classic.  They would usually start a week before my period.  Many times I would wear my sunglasses while I worked as a waitress.  One time I temporarily lost my vision from a migraine.  

A friend gave me some Malle’s Magnesium Oil and told me to rub it on my forehead, temples and the back of my neck whenever I got a migraine, and that I should be putting it on every day, because it was possible that my migraines were caused by a magnesium deficiency.

When she came to see me a couple of weeks later and asked if the oil had helped, I told her that not only did the magnesium oil take away my migraine in about five minutes, but now that I was putting it on every day, I don’t even think about migraines any more when I leave my house for the day!


One tip:  for any menstrual cramps, I rub the oil on my abdomen, and it helps take away any headache pain.

                                                     - Sara

I get bad migraines. 


Sometimes Excedrin Migraine works for me and other times not.


Recently my mom gave me some of Malle’s Magnesium Oil to try. 


Both migraines were gone in minutes.

                                       -  Joey

I don’t know if I get migraines or not, but I had a bad headache, and my wife gave me some of the oil to rub on. 


It worked.

                         - Nick


Port Richey, Florida

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